Tournament Rules

Basic Rules

  1. 3 stocks
  2. 8 minute time limit
  3. Best of 3 (Pools: Best of 1)
  4. Double elimination tournament
  5. Items all OFF and set to none
  6. Team attack ON
  7. Key configs allowed
  8. Pausing set to OFF
  9. If character-color coincides, same color can be used.
    (Don't try to use the same one on purpose. If you don't like same color matches, please change yourself)


  1. Customized controllers are not allowed.
  2. Infinities (ex: wobbling) that are tended to kill the clock are prohibited. (350% is the limitation)
  3. Using bugs on purpose is prohibited.
  4. Ledge grabbing are limited up to 35 times. (see: -If time runs out)
  5. Round trips under stages are prohibited. Going one way is allowed.
    (After starting a trip under the stage, it is defined "one way" when reaching the ledge height.)
  6. After tripping one way under stage, you can travel under stage only after either player being hit by an attack or after landing on an unmoving-platform.
  7. If sudden-death occurs by blasting at the same time, the player with less damage percent in total wins.
  8. Circumvention on purpose is prohibited and you may be judged lost by doing this.

Match order

1st set
  1. Janken (rock-paper-scissors) to select for stage selection and controller-port selection.
    (Alternatives are 1-4 and 2-3 for doubles)
  2. Winner of the janken can erase a stage from -Stage List at random-selection screen.
  3. Loser of the janken can erase 2 stages.
  4. The previous winner selects the stage from the left.
  5. Start choosing the character. (If characters cannot be selected, choose Random)
After 2nd set
  1. Loser of the match can select the controller-port.
  2. Winner can erase a stage.
  3. Loser selects the stage.
  4. Winner picks the character.
  5. Loser picks the character.
  6. Repeat 1~5 until the match finishes.

Stage List

  1. Final Destination
  2. Battlefield
  3. Smashville
  4. Yoshi's Island
  5. Lylat Cruise
Counterpick (for doubles only)
  1. Dolpic Town
  2. Poke'mon Stadium 1
  3. The Bridge of Eldin

If time runs out

  1. If either player had grabbed the ledge for more than 35 times, the player loses.
  2. The player with more stocks wins.
  3. The player with less damage percentage wins.
  4. If 1~3 were the same, start a new match of 1 stock and the same stage, the winner of this match wins.

How to rank pools

  1. Wins
  2. Stocks left
  3. Defeating stocks
  4. Results of the head-to-head game
  5. If several players have the same results of 1~4, it will be decided by janken (rock-paper-scissors)