Other Informations

Accepted Bugs and Manners

Accepted Bugs
  1. IceClimers's coalescence
  2. DAC U-smash (K-can): such as Snake and Falco
  3. Dropping Snake's grenade in the middle of its throw
  4. Invisible Pikmins
  5. Lucas's aerial Bs for moving quickly
  6. ROB's laser bug
  7. Any freezing
    (making it on purpose is against the rules)
  8. Going inside the stage platform
    (If this occurred, the player that went inside must return outside without attacking. The other player may attack.)

* If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our community at Smacom, or at twitter account.

  1. Too much taunting is prohibited
  2. You must bring back all the garbage
  3. Put any "sign" on your controller which makes it clear to whom your controller belongs
  4. Put your name on your eatables and drinkables (We can lent you a pen or a sticker)
  5. Not to talk personally when the announcement is going on
  6. Do not use the trash box
  7. Though we will store all the properties left in the floor, ones with no contact until the next SRT will be thrown away